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The Top 5 Foods You Should Be Eating For Healthier, Clearer Skin

It’s no secret that gorgeous-looking skin is achieved from the inside out. Yes, makeup can enhance the appearance of skin but, if your natural skin isn’t healthy to begin with, there’s only so much makeup can do. Diet has a huge impact on the quality of our skin, something many people wrongly underestimate. What you

3 Top Tips for Wearing Makeup to the Gym (without damaging your skin!)

With the amount of gym memberships increasing by a huge 44% over the past couple of years, it’s clear more people than ever are taking their fitness seriously and sweating it out at the gym. But, whilst this is certainly a good thing, with today’s society being consistently influenced with gorgeous-looking celebrities who always appear

Pro Tips to Make Your Skin Clearer Than Ever, Fast!

Having healthy-looking, clear skin is something almost all of us want. But not everyone is blessed with a naturally flawless look, leaving many feeling like there’s simply no method of eliminating acne, hyperpigmentation and scarring to achieve the glowing skin they crave – no matter how hard they try. Yes, whilst genes and a good

‘Brotox’ – The Rising Trend of Botox Treatments for Men.

We, men, might not like to admit this. But we do care about our appearance. Granted this may not be as much as our female counterparts, but we do care all the same. Regardless of gender, feeling happy and healthy in our skin and in our appearance is universal. It breeds a sense of confidence

Botox or Dermal Fillers – which is the best option for me?

This is a question that we get asked almost daily here at our surgery. The continual, almost daily, media exposure of Botox as THE age defying treatment for younger looking skin almost eclipses dermal fillers even entering the thought process of potential patients as a viable skin rejuvenation treatment. If fact Botox is so ingrained

What’s the difference between Laser Hair Removal and IPL?

We have lots of customers coming into the clinic each week to enquire about hair removal. Usually the same questions come up – how does it work? What does it cost? What’s the difference between Laser and IPL? Brighton is saturated with clinics offering hair removal and so it is important to establish what technology

Defying the ageing process with Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Dubbed ‘Vampire’ or ‘Dracula’ therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is quite the innovation when it comes to anti-ageing treatments. The technique has a long history within orthopaedic medicine, reconstructive surgery and even dentistry, however, in recent years the treatment has become more widely popularised (thanks in part to Kim Kardashian) within the cosmetic industry.   Dr

ACNE GLOSSARY: Typical acne terms explained

#ACNEAWARENESSMONTH According to the British Skin Foundation, approximately 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 experience some form of acne. But do you know your papules from your pustules? We’ve compiled a glossary of typical acne terms to help educate and build awareness of this common skin condition.   ACNE VULGARIS Acne

Acne: 10 things you should know

#ACNEAWARENESSMONTH If you don’t know already, June is Acne Awareness Month –  a campaign dedicated to raising awareness and providing education on how to treat it effectively. With this in mind, we have gathered 10 things you should know about the prolific skin condition, from cleansing to gut health! Acne Is A More Common Condition

The Ultimate Facial Treatment for everyone – Hydrafacial

WHAT IS HYDRAFACIAL? A New You introduced this treatment because it is the latest go to facial treatment for all skin types. It is for men and women of all ages, everyone can benefit.  HydraFacial quickly improves the condition and health of the skin. This is due to the technology and products combining for an In-clinic

Treatments For Hair loss – what is available and can we cure baldness yet?

TREATMENTS FOR HAIR LOSS – TRANSPLANTS AND PRP As biological science leaps ahead treatments for hair loss are becoming more and more available. It is important to understand what is out there, what works and why. Until its gone we take our hair for granted, but look closer at a hair follicle it has a

5 Incredible Beauty tips from those in the know

We Have Selected 5 Beauty Tips For You To Help With The Winter. It May Seam Endless, The Options Available When You Are Seeking Some Advice On What To Do To Help Your Complexion Look Brighter And Fresher. So Much Is Down To Your Skin Type And Your Age But There Are Beauty Secrets That

Winter skin care tips

Winter skincare tips from our team Winter can be a fun time and we change the way we are because of the cold. So, we thought we would offer some skincare tips. Many people are off to the mountain ski resorts for skiing and boarding or taking long cold winter walks exposing skin to the