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New Charcoal Facials for men and women

Our new Charcoal Laser Facials will brighten and rejuvenate your skin giving it a more even skin tone by softening age spots, lessening wrinkles and tightening the skin.

Mother/Daughter Special: book now for Friday and Saturday 29/30 March. Introductory offer £55 (saving £20).

Our latest charcoal facial treatment will improve your complexion, stimulating and promoting collagen, cleansing your pores and reducing pigmentation. It is an effective treatment against acne, large pores, blackheads and excess oil production. We apply a layer of charcoal lotion to the face in a lotion that dries on the skin. Our experienced aesthetic technicians will then use a special laser light which moves across the skin vacuuming and exfoliating any debris in the pores. The treatment is very popular in Asia where its beneficial effects bring out the natural radiance promoting a smooth complexion and resulting in a brighter, glowing skin.