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Spider Vein Treatment Special Offer

Save £75 – offer available for 2 weeks only

Spider veins or thread veins can look unsightly, but we offer an instant treatment that is safe, effective and clinically proven. For 2 weeks only our Veinwave treatment is £120 (normal price £195). Between 20 March – 2 April 2019

Using Veinwave™ and, a process called thermocoagulation, the thread vein walls can be sealed, and the veins disappear sometimes immediately or on other occasions may require more than one treatment.

The technique is ideal for both men and women and is one of our most popular treatments. Veinwave is used by leading aesthetic clinics worldwide and provides the safe removal of facial red veins, skin tags and milia. Men and women say it greatly improves confidence especially once the veins have been treated.

The treatment is relatively painless aside from a small amount of swelling and redness and you may resume most activities the same day. All we would recommend is to avoid the sun and use sunblock every day.

The treatment can be used in other areas such as the legs and inner knee area.

Offer applies between 20 March and 2 April 2019 only and has to be booked directly with our clinic on 01273 604444